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    Teaching Philosophy

Swing Philosophy

The golf swing is something that is unique to the individual. No one can look at someone and say the way they are doing it is completely wrong. There have been too many great players that contradict each other. The best players in the world do have things in common though, and it is regarding shaft to plane, and how the club is delivered into the golf ball.

The Timber Creek Golf Academy believes, what golfers have been taught, and where instructors focus has been the past couple decades or so, has been misplaced. Golf is what the ball does. Understanding the ball flight laws tells an instructor exactly what to fix, and what the player is doing. It doesn't take an athletic person to grip the club, stand athletically, and aim correctly. If we can be good at the small things, the rest will take care of itself with time, awareness, and experience.

We believe in setting a plan in place for the student. As a coaches, its our belief to make ourselves obsolete over a period of time. You know you, better than we know you. From that, you know exactly what muscles are working, hurting, etc. It's my job to explain the mechanics to you and show you on video where you are, and where we'd like to get you. If you agree, the plan and process are 100% you. Success is not driven by the coach, but by the effort and commitment of the student.


The most important part of the game in our opinion. A one foot putt counts the same as 300 yard drive. A good putter can more than make up for a bad tee shot. We have studied the greats like Ben Crenshaw, Loren Roberts, Dave Stockton, and they all are different. Some similarities, but mostly different strokes, stances, eye lines, tempo, etc. Derek Zachman has taken AimPoint classes and have a relationship with a top level AimPoint instructor who teaches the likes of Hunter Mahan, Justin Rose, etc.


Chipping and pitching are it's own swing and fundamentals. Understanding that the club is supposed to work outside to in is the most important part. Have a solid set up leads to success. We will discuss and work on set up, swing plane, and mental outlook going into club selection, lie assessment, and spot picking.