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Individual Golf Instruction Sessions

All sessions include the usage of high-speed cameras, videotaping and computer software images of the world’s leading male and female players. Our technology allows us to use these swing models in a side-by-side comparison with you. Our computer images provide a frame-by-frame advance that permits us to view each segment of your swing. We will film you from multiple camera angles and our split-screen monitors will permit you to see this. Monitors will enable you to see your address position from multiple angles and assist you in making any necessary changes. Your golf swing is analyzed with state of the art technology that allows for the usage of graphics, stop-action, slow motion, and printed images and notes for you to take home to practice.

PGA Professionals
Half Hour : $50
Hour : $100

PGA Apprentice & Tenured Professionals
Half Hour : $45
Hour : $90

Development Series

  • Series of 3 (half hours) - Head Golf Professional : $135
  • Series of 3 (half hours) - PGA Apprentice / Tenured : $120
  • Series of 3 (hours) - Head Golf Professional : $285
  • Series of 3 (hours) - PGA Apprentice / Tenured : $255

Club Fittings

$50 - 1 hour with Foresight GC Quad

Competitive Player Program: $100 per month
Designed for Junior, High School, College, and Professional Golfers

Includes evaluating your golf swing, short game, physical fitness, course management, schedule / resume building, and golf clubs set analysis.

Each player will receive a range card that allows them to practice at Timber Creek Golf Course at their convenience. We want our players to get better, and giving them the opportunity is the least we can do.

A. Basic Membership ($100 a month)

  1. 1 Hour lesson a month (swing and or short game)
  2. Unlimited range balls for the month

B. Additional Lessons

  1. Playing Lessons: $150 for 2 hours
  2. Fittings: $50

3 month guarantee. This is my way of allowing our youth and those who take the game seriously, an affordable way to reach their potential and goals!